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Soybeans - All Varieties

Legend Seeds is proud to offer Enlist E3™ soybeans in to our lineup. The Enlist E3 soybeans provide tolerance to new 2, 4-D choline, glyphosate and glufosinate.   

Soybean Naming Key

Defensive Trait Key
0 = Offensive yield potential
1 = Soybean Aphid Tolerance
2 = Brown Stem Rot Resistance (BSR)
3 = Sclerotina White Mold Resistance (SWM)
4 = Sudden Death Syndrome Tolerance (SDS)
5 = Iron Deficiency Chlorosis Tolerance (IDC)
6 = Major Phytophthora Root Rot Gene (PRR)
7 = Stem Canker

Brand Name
Relative Maturity
Plant Height
Plant Type
Drought Tolerance
Cyst Nematode
Phytophthora Gene
PRR Field Tolerance
LS 08E965NEnlist E30.82750M-MTSB-B885R3, MR14Rps 3a8
NewLS 10E125NEnlist E31.02775MSB-B877R3, MR14None7
LS 15E920NEnlist E31.52900MSB879R3, MR14None7

Rating Scale: 10-1; (10=Superior, 5=Average, and 1=Poor); Plant Type: B = Bush style; SB = Semi-Bush style; U = Upright style; Cyst Nematode Resistance: S = Susceptible; MR = Moderately Resistant; R = Resistant; Brown Stem Rot: R = Resistant; MR = Moderately Resistant; MS = Moderately Susceptible; S = Susceptible; Placement of Soil Types & No-till: R = Recommended; HR = Highly Recommended